5 Shockingly Easy Snoring Remedies


Sawing logs is supposed to be reserved for the lumber industry. But, there are many people who suffer fromĀ snoring in some form or another. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some simple solutions? Well there are. these methods may not work for every case, but they are very effective for most people who suffer from snoring issues.

#1 Switch Positions

This is the most simple yet surprisingly effective remedy here. Sleeping on your back causes the tongue to rest at the back of the throat and soft palate to collapse, causing vibrations that make the snoring occur. Using a body pillow that spans the length of your body will help dramatically while sleeping on your sides. It keeps the body in proper form and the throat relaxed.

#2 Alcohol In Moderation

Drinking to much booze can relax the throat muscles so much that they have less resting tone. This is what maintains the shape of the throat. Even if you don’t snore at all, you may hear it the next day from your tired significant other. Moderation is key here.

#3 Change Your Pillows Regularly

This is a lesser known one among most folks who snore. The dust mites (tiny bugs) and allergens that build up in the fabric can have a drastic effect on the nasal passages. It can effect the throat as well since snoring often leads to mouth breathing. Bacteria trapped in dust and other pillow fibers can really wreak havoc on your nose and throat. It’s in your best interest to switch them often.

#4 Open Nasal Passages

Many people are aware of this one. Those nasal strips are on TV advertisements and magazine articles everyday. The thing is though, a lot of people don’t use them when they need to. Taking a hot shower can help to open nasal passages as well and is effective right before bedtime. Doing this coupled with the nasal strips can alleviate a lot of sleepless nights. Your family will thank you.

#5 Drink Plenty Of Water

This is another one that many folks don’t think about. The fluids that are produced from the soft palate become thicker and more viscous when you are dehydrated. The institute of medicine stated that men require about 16 cups daily, while women need to average about 11(8 oz) cups. Being dehydrated can also make it difficult to sleep for many more reasons than this. But, this is focused on snoring issues here.

Taking these steps are easy and effective for most everybody with snoring issues.

Happy resting everyone.