5 Ways to Make Learning Fun for Young Children

We all know that to teach a child, we have to be able to reach them on their own level. Over the years, educators have been given guidelines to follow, but only a few are able to tailor their curriculum to reach individual children. One way to engage children in learning is to make learning fun for them, and here are 5 ways to make learning fun for young children that you can begin immediately.

What Do They Know

To begin, you have to see what the child already knows. A series of engaging assessment tests will tell you exactly what the student knows and where they need improvement. Ask several questions depending on what you want to begin teaching. According to the RECDC (Regional Early Childhood Direction Center), there are three stages of child development: chronological, developmental, and emotional. In order to make the lessons fun for your students, you need to know what they find entertaining.

Reward Success

You may think it is not a good idea to reward your children every time they do something right, and that is true, but when they are learning new concepts a reward system may be just what is needed to take them over the top. Nobody likes to work for free, and learning is hard work for little ones, so plan a series of rewards for when they master new lessons. A trip to the park, perhaps, or an extra amount of time on a game or watching TV may be all that is needed to have them trying their hardest.

Be Positive

No one is perfect, and children are not always going to understand new things the minute you show them. You have to be patient, and you have to be positive. Encourage them to find the correct answer without yelling or getting angry, no matter how difficult you may find it. No child responds well to criticism, and it is an unnecessary path to take.

Make It Fun

Discover the interests of the children you are trying to teach and use that to help you teach them other things. For example, your child just loves My Little Pony but will not try to count. Line up some pictures of the little ponies and play counting games, matching games, or any number of other learning activities. With a little imagination and some creativity on your part, you can use any number of things as substitutes and make it fun for everyone.

Keep It Real

Children can get excited about learning new ideas, and the best way to keep them excited is to let them show you what they know. A report on WikiHow encourages parents and/or educators to have your child apply the concepts they have learned to the things they do every day, and also as a teaching aide. Use apples slices or grapes for addition and portions of dessert for fractions. Let them help you measure ingredients, too!