6 Moving Hacks You Need to Know

Anyone who has moved is aware of the amount of work and preparation that is involved when relocating to a new area. From packing up all of your personal belongings to transporting everything safely, it can be a difficult process that is time-consuming. For those who want to enjoy a smoother process, there are a few moving hacks to take advantage of.

1. Load the Mattress in the Truck Last

After packing all of the boxes and furniture into the moving truck, make it a point to load the mattress in last in an upright position before closing the door. It can also be laid on the top of all of the boxes without taking up too much room. This helps to add extra packing in the truck to prevent anything from breaking or shifting as it’s being transported. It also allows you to have something to sleep on if you’re traveling overnight to your destination.

2. Slide Clothes Into Garbage Bags

Instead of spending extra time removing each garment off of the hanger and packing it in boxes, you can keep the clothes on the hangers and group them together. Slide a garbage bag over 10 different garments for and easy way of rehanging them when you arrive at your new home.

3. Use the Same Size of Boxes

You may begin to collect different cardboard boxes when preparing to move or are prone to purchase different ones at the store throughout the month, but it’s important to use the same sizes of boxes when packing your belongings, according to This will make them easier to stack them when loading each one into the moving truck. Boxes that are all uniform and fit securely in the truck are less likely to fall or move around when they’re transported.

4. Use Colored Masking Tape for Each Room

One of the main challenges that comes with moving is determining which room each box should be placed in once arriving at the new property. Organize the packing process by using different colors of masking tape for each room, which will make it easier for everyone to find what they need more efficiently, according to

5. Wrap Your Dishes in Clothes

Kill two birds with one stone by wrapping your dishes and glassware in clothes or linens that you already plan to pack. This can save money on bubble wrap and will prevent having to use more boxes to pack all of your personal belongings.

6. Pack Heavy Items in Rolling Suitcases

It can be difficult to lift heavy items and boxes when you’re in the middle of the moving process, making it important to pack heavy boots, books, and weights in rolling suitcases that are easy to transport. This will make it easy to roll the suitcase out of the home instead of carrying it when loading it up in a car or moving truck, according to¬†