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Chiropractic Care Basics During Pregnancy

It doesn’t take a doctor tell you that pregnancy is stressful on a woman’s body. Oh, yeah, it’s a gift to be able to carry life inside of you, and bring it forth in due season, but the extra 25-35 pounds that a woman puts on during the pregnancy can reek havoc on the back and joints. While there is no sure fire remedy for a pain and stress free pregnancy, regular visits with a chiropractor can help to ease some of your back and joint pain until that wonderous day that you bring your bundle of joy into the world.

Understanding Your Changing Body
The human being growing inside of you needs space to grow, and as your pregnancy advances, your body adjusts to meet this need. Your center of gravity shifts forward to the front of your pelvis, and as the little one grows, your weight is shifted downward and forward even more. As a result, the “dip” in your lower back becomes more pronounced, and puts some stress on your spinal discs. To buffer this effect, your upper spine begins to curve inward as well.

Chiropractors Are Trained to Help Pregnant Women
Because most of the physiological adjustments that women endure during pregnancy affect their back, chiropractors are well trained to help pregnant women manage some of the pains and strains that come with these changes. They know the proper exercises and massages, and are best suited to counsel a woman with child on the best sleeping and sitting positions. For instance, chiropractors suggest that an expectant woman sleep on her left side because it is more conducive to blood flow and proper kidney function, and to put a pillow or pregnancy wedge between her knees to alleviate any stress on the spine. See, your chiropractor’s got your back, (pun intended). In fact, there are even chiropractors who choose to put extra emphasis on prenatal treatment so that they can offer specialized treatment to pregnant women.

Be Proactive
While you should not do anything that is too physically strenuous during your period of expectancy, it is important to stay active. During the first trimester, focus on strengthening your core so that as time goes on, and your baby and belly grow, like an athlete your body will be in the best possible condition for it. Also, you can walk, swim, and put in time on a stationary bike even into the third trimester, just don’t overdo it. Also, if you are not pregnant, but are looking to become pregnant, it is wise to visit a chiropractor in advance. He or she will be able to tell you if you have a pelvic misalignment or other issues that could make your future pregnancy more painful than it has to be.