Five Inspiring Ways a T-Shirt Can Help Your Charity

1. Design Contest

Begin spreading the word about your charity by launching a
logo or t-shirt design contest. Your message will be out into the public before the first t-shirt is even printed.

Many local papers have a place where charities can put in an ad at no charge. Call art schools, high schools and art centers. Offer publicity to the artist who wins the t-shirt logo contest. Offer a prize of dinner for two at a good restaurant. Find a restaurant owner who also wants some publicity. He donates the prize dinners and you do the press releases.

2. Use the New T-Shirts to Spread the Message About Your Cause

When people wear your t-shirts out into the community, there will be a heighted awareness of your mission. The logo should be simple, attractive and easily recognizable over time. If there are words with your logo, strive to make them a memorable slogan. If it’s catchy or funny, owning one of your t-shirts will be very popular.

3. T-Shirts are Wonderful Fundraising Items

T-shirts have long been a fundraising staple. Determine if your t-shirts will be in one background color with a contrasting logo color or in a wide variety of colors. Sometimes the mission itself will help make that determination. If your charity caters to women, then pinks, yellow and pastels will be your best sellers. If your charity also helps men, then blacks, browns, maroon and navy are the popular colors with them. Be sure that the logo will appeal to the widest number of people who will buy your t-shirts to support your cause.

Online companies, such as the
Pay It Forward Foundation, are experts in making t-shirts that promote worthy causes. They offer regular neck t-shirts for men and v-neck t-shirts for women.

4. Use Your T-Shirts as Gifts and Prizes

People love to get free stuff. T-shirts are often given as gifts or prizes. Increase the buzz about your charity when people who have donated time or money to your charity are seen wearing your logo. This is an inexpensive way for you charity’s brand and cause to go viral.

5. Use T-Shirts to Promote Your Brand

Encourage staff and organization members to wear their t-shirts whenever participating in the charity’s function. It gives the public a sense of solidarity and support for your cause. Also encourage them to sell the shirts to raise much-needed money for the cause.

T-shirts also helps to brand your charity. The more often people see your t-shirt and logo, the more they will come to recognize your organization. Credibility will build as people become accustomed to seeing your logoed t-shirts in various places.

Consider the New York Times t-shirts. This company has an apparel line or t-shirts, ball caps and sweatshirts. Your charity may decide to do the same thing.

Take a picture of a famous person wearing your t-shirt, put the picture on facebook and let the world tap into your cause.