Ideas for Fun Wedding Entertainment

Weddings are undeniably fun, but some couples like to take their wedding entertainment to the next level. These nine ideas will ensure you have a wedding that no one will ever forget.

1. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Create a gallery of photos – a visual memory lane. Hang pictures of the bride and groom, along with their friends and family. This will serve as a great conversation starter among guests.

2. Offer Dance Lessons

Hire a professional dance company to give dance lessons to your guests. Ask them to come up with a group dance that they can teach everyone at once. Or, ask them to teach guests an ethnic dance that plays homage to your background.

3. Offer Party Games

Just like at a bridal shower or baby shower, you can have cute games at your wedding. In front of each place setting, put a bridal Mad Libs or a crossword puzzle. Consider having your wedding stationery double as a game. For example, you can have a word search printed on the back of the dinner menus or an, “Advice for the Couple” card on the back of drink coasters. 4. Make Like a Kid

Who doesn’t love kids’ games? Make your wedding extra fun by renting video games, a popcorn machine, air hockey and a ping pong table.

5. Hire the Right DJ

Your DJ can make or break your wedding. To make sure you’re hiring one with the right energy for your crowd, check them out in action. Your reception venue will let you peek in while the DJ is hosting another wedding.

6. Hire a Food Truck

Add to the spread at your wedding by hiring a food truck for an hour or so. Ask for an ice cream truck, taco truck or crepe truck to make their way to your reception venue at a certain time.

7. Setup a Make-Your-Own Cocktail Bar

If the bride and groom are foodies, having a DIY drink bar will be fun for everyone. Let everyone make their own martini, Bloody Mary or margarita. You can also have beer taps setup so people can sample different brews.

8. Play College Party Games

As the wedding’s winding down, gather your buddies and play a game of Flip Cup or Beer Pong. So long as you have one long table, a couple of ping pong balls and a lot of red cups, you’ll have everything you need. After all, you already sprung for the open bar, so you know you’ll have plenty of beer!

9. Send Everyone on a Scavenger Hunt

Give your guests a checklist of items to find. In between noshing on delicious food and mingling with each other, they’ll be keeping their eyes peeled for your items. To encourage some healthy competition, offer a prize to the first one who finds or collects everything.