Shopping for Bridesmaid Dresses: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Some women love being asked to be a bridesmaid. To others, it’s a chore. No matter their feelings about it, sooner or later a bridesmaid dress will have to be chosen and purchased. Here are five common mistakes made when shopping for a bridesmaid dress and how they can be avoided:

1. The dress is too expensive. The budget should be discussed up front and agreed upon by all the attendants. It should be practical for everyone. Even if the group of maids is in a position where the budget can be limitless, discuss this too, and make sure it is agreed on by everyone. There should be no surprises when it comes to paying. It’s a good idea to have the maid of honor help organize the buying of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

2. Not having all the girls there. Be sure to schedule a day in advance when the bride’s entire party can go try on dresses. Some girls may feel left out if the dress is chosen without them and they don’t like the style. In addition, this is a chance for all the attendants to spend time together and bond. Once the dresses are chosen and purchased, go out for lunch and a drink to celebrate!

3. A fad/trendy style. Bridesmaids dresses have long had a reputation of being tacky or unflattering. That is changing some, due to brides being more practical. Choose a style that looks good on everyone and has a classic silhouette. This way, the bridesmaids can wear the dress long after the wedding. If the bride wants a bow, sash or flower embellishment, make sure it’s easily removed.

4. The gowns are ill-fitting. Whether the girls run out of time or they don’t want to pay for alterations, this will be evident on the big day when they are standing up in front of all the guests. Take the alterations price into account when deciding on a budget. Many times the salon where the dress was purchased has a tailor on site. Again, the fewer surprises the better.

5. Getting stressed out. Many times the process of buying a bridesmaid dress can be overwhelming and a chore. Nothing can ruin the experience of purchasing a bridesmaid gown quicker than getting stressed. Be sure to communicate with everyone and make decisions as a group. Have fun! Remember, this is the bride’s day and she needs her girls to be happy and supportive.